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Call for Papers


The Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Thought invites contributions for its next issue:

Immigration: Women as Victims and Voices of Change

Although women account for more than half the legal immigrant population in the United States today, too little attention has been paid to the social and legal issues confronting them on a daily basis. Issues of employment, education, health care, and family, combined with fears of exploitation, discrimination, and legal protection from violence, are among the work that contemporary scholars are exploring today. These are the issues we wish to address in the upcoming issue of JIFT. In addition, the editors are looking for studies that identify the contributions that immigrant women have made to the economic, social, and cultural fabric of society.

Possible Topics:

  1. Root Causes of Migration
    • U.S. policies which encourage families to seek physical and economic security
  2. Women as Victims
    • Exploitation of immigrant women in the workplace (underpayment, sexual harassment, dangerous working conditions)
    • Social and cultural barriers to assimilation ( language, religion, education, discrimination)
    • Barriers to assimilation and legalization
    • Deportation, trafficking
  3. Voices of Women as Agents of Social Change
    • Women as protectors of family life
    • Political activism
    • Role of women in immigration reform
    • Legislative policy-making
  4. Ethnographic Studies of Immigrant Women

Submit all manuscripts, electronically, to co-editors: Each manuscript must include:
  • a title page
  • abstract
  • contact information listing:
    • the name of the author(s),
    • institution
    • telephone number
    • email address for all authors.
Please include the home and work address for the corresponding author.