Professor: Dr. Catherine W. Zipf

This publication resulted from a year-long, intensive neighborhood study undertaken by students in the Cultural and Historic Preservation Program (CHP) at Salve regina University. As a partner with the Rhode Island Satat Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission and the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, the CHP program offered a seminar in the fall of 2003 that taught students how to research and document an historic neighborhood according to the state's professional standard and how to conduct primary research on a historic neighborhood. Their work created the body of knowledge needed to nominate the neighborhood inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places and to produce this publication.


Submissions from 2010


Between the Golden Age and the Gilded Age : A History of the Southern Thames Street Neighborhood, Catherine W. Zipf, Chris Blanchette, Megan Cox, Diane Patrella, Ty Pennypacker, and Daniel P. Titus