Doctoral Dissertations

Dissertations & Theses from 2024

Dickens, Zachariah V (2024) Departure From Neutrality: Normative Europeanization, Strategic Alignment, and the Path-Dependent Case of Post-Cold War Swedish Integration Into NATO

Makar, Ramy Daniel (2024) Unraveling the Pseudo Statehood of Lebanon: A Critique of Consociationalism in Lebanon

Mumford, Richard (2024) The Incorporation of an Ethics Framework in the Development of Emerging Information Technology Systems

Mumford, Siobhan (2024) The Reading Wars: Ideological and Pedagogical Conflicts Ignited by the Writings of Rudolf Flesch

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Dissertations & Theses from 2023

Arjona, Yaqueline (2023) More than Magic, Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis Prevention

Beall, Thomas Reagan (2023) Military Effectiveness, Moral Injury, and the Just War Tradition in Western History

Dennis, Raymond (2023) U.S. Foreign Military Sales to Australia, Japan, and India Amidst U.S.-China Strategic Competition from the Quad’s Founding to Aukus, 2004-2021

Hamilton, Eoghain J (2023) That Cloudy Place Where Stars Are Born: How the K’Iche’ Maya Construct Meaning From Death Rituals

Kellam, Lorenzo L. (2023) Empowering the Underserved Classroom: Web Technology as a Conduit for STEAM and Inquiry-Based Learning

Kerr, Thomas C (2023) State Sponsorship of Self-Determination Movements: Does Sponsorship Really Lead to Autonomy Concessions?

Kierman, Ryan (2023) An Analysis of the Challenges of Islamic Vaccination Resistance to Disease Eradication Programs and Recommended Mitigations

Krieger, Gerald J (2023) China’s Foreign Policy in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Islamic Republic of Iran: Exploring China’s Renewed Diplomacy in the Region

McGrath, April L (2023) Evaluation of a Leadership Focused Graduate Nurse Development Program

Nicholas, Terence M (2023) China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Is it Really Influencing the Geopolitical Landscape?

Pichette, Nique (2023) Provider Review: Evaluating Individual Criteria to Support Cannabis Use Disorder

Reisner, Daniel J (2023) The Russo-Ukrainian Pre-War Crisis: A Comparative Test of Rational Choice, Expected Utility, Poliheuristic, and Prospect Theories to Explain the War's Outbreak

Tatsiyenko, Oleg G (2023) Effect of Short-Term Home Follow-Up Visits on Readmissions of Veterans With Heart Failure

Thayer, Frances Anne (2023) Ernest Hemingway: The Sustainable Effect of Creative Writing as a Therapeutic Technology Infused by Cubism

Tilton, Paul A (2023) Sociological Propaganda Through an Ellulian Lens: Developments in Modern China

Weed, John L (2023) The Evolving Relationship between Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China

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Dissertations & Theses from 2022

Al-Naimi, Adil Mahfoodh Salim (2022) Withstanding Pressure: The impact of Transnational Forces and Social Force on Political Structures in the Iranian Green Movement of 2009 and the Arab Spring in Egypt during 2011

Dahlke, Laura Johnson (2022) Not of Woman Born? Extra-Uterine Destining and the Individual, Social and Spiritual Implications of Ectogenesis

Darling, Amanda (2022) Machiavelli in Modernity: The Prince's Continued Relevancy as Reflected in the Fall of Imperial Russia

Hawks, Lori Michelle (2022) A Handbook for Overwhelmed Educators in a Post-trauma World: The Case for Incorporating the Expressive Arts into the High School ELA and Undergraduate College Writing Classrooms

Heffernan, Marianne Stochmal (2022) Toward a Theory of Internet Memoir: A Content Analysis of Grief-Related Storytelling in Social Media

Muscatelli, Angelica L (2022) The Implementation of Screening Pediatric Patients Ages 8–11 for Depression with a Screening Tool in the Outpatient Setting

Shirley, Taten (2022) The Industrial Brontë Sisters: Advocates for Women in a Turbulent Age

Souza, Rebecca (2022) Teamwork: The Strongest Virtue in Hospice

Upton, Joseph R (2022) Thomas Aquinas, defensor hominis integralis: The Enduring Relevance of Thomistic Anthropology in a Technological Age

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Dissertations & Theses from 2021

Bechard, Meaghan (2021) Preferred Learning Styles of Retail Health Providers: A Pilot Quality Improvement Project

Gamache-Griffiths, Donna M (2021) Fundamentally Human: Creating a Response to Technological Unemployment Based on the Papal Encyclicals

King, Laurel Luise (2021) "The Algorithm Did It": Legal Responsibility and the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

Kingsley, Orson (2021) Freethought for the Masses: The Philosophy behind the Writings and Publications of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius

Krampen, Olivia E (2021) Investigating Nursing Faculty and Student Expectations and Knowledge regarding Concept-Based Learning and Health Literacy

Maxell, Olivia M (2021) Cervical Cancer Screening in Primary Care: A Provider-Based Intervention with Shared Decision-Making to Evaluate Guideline Adherence

Meehan, Erin Elizabeth (2021) Dervish Oral Poetry in Somalia: A Study in Semiotic Chora

Pearson, Michael (2021) Identity and Terrorism

Perez, Jose (2021) The Monster in Our Midst: Society’s Perspectives of Convicted Felons

Perrotta, Sandra (2021) Use of a Palliative Performance Scale (PPSv2) Tool in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Smith, Robin (2021) Acculturation Strategies of Cold War and Post-Soviet Immigrants in the United States

Sylvia, Julia M (2021) Self-Administered Psychotherapy for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain and Depression

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Dissertations & Theses from 2020

Crowell, Danielle (2020) HCV Birth Cohort Screening Guideline Implementation: A Change of Practice

Harrington, Monique (2020) Coming Back to Ourselves: Teacher Identity in a Digital Age

Kwami, David Selasi (2020) Improving Provider Sexual Health Education for Male Post Deployment Veterans

McNally, Ruth T (2020) Improving Pre-Diabetes Knowledge and Management Among Adults in Primary Care Using Text Messaging

Molinari, Nicholas J (2020) Concerning Water as the Archai: Acheloios, Thales, and the Origin of Philosophy: A Dissertation Providing Philosophical, Mythological, and Archaeological Responses to the Neo-Marxians

Palmer, Gina (2020) Visual and Literary Representations of Memory and Meaning of the Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima-Nagasaki

Rich, Beverly Waldman (2020) Mindful Balance (Breathe Act Learn about ‘Now’ Care Every Day): A Pilot Project for Depressed Female Adolescents

Russell, Samara (2020) HELP: Hydration for Loss and/or Prevention

Thibault, Jake (2020) Transgender: Science, Nature, and Virtue

Wong, Patrick D (2020) Three Perspectives on Happiness, from Ancient to Modern: Aristotle, Adam Smith, and Martin E.P. Seligman

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Dissertations & Theses from 2019

Anthony, Eugene R. (2019) A Christian Ethics of Care as a Spiritual Model: Its Pastoral Applications and Relevance

Baxter, Kelly E (2019) Exploration of factors that influence advance care planning for primary care patients

Burke, Kelly J (2019) Improving Adherence to the Non-Pharmacological Management of Hypertension: Reducing Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients

Byrd, Ray Hall (2019) A Postmodern History of the New Testament Canon during the First Five Centuries

Crimmins, Denise M (2019) Cognitive Enhancement, the Super Soldier and Beyond: Expanding Discourse Over Emerging Disruptive Technology

Gourlay, Jonathan (2019) The Slug of Modernity: Economic and Cultural Entanglement on Pohnpei, 1844-2019

Irving, Washington (2019) The Use of Literature, and in Particular, an Original Novel Entitled Ariachne's Thread, as a Vehicle for the Expression of Philosophical Ideas Concerning Authenticity at the Margins of Society

Kourtsounis, Sara (2019) Moving Towards Jus Post Bellum: An Analysis of Three Contemparory Writers Through a Kantian Lens

Laliberte, Tracie A (2019) Digging the Dog: Anthropology and Archeology in Human-Canine Relationships and Encounters With the Sacred

Moons, Peter Joseph (2019) El Jefe Máximo: How Manuel Noriega Came to Power and Sustained His Regime

Moran, Catherine (2019) The Aura of 660 Fifth Avenue: Alva Vanderbilt, Richard Morris Hunt, and the Emergence of American Luxury

Pastryk, Linda D (2019) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Youth, Seminary, and the Controversy at Lourdes

Seals, Nova McConnico (2019) Quilting, Cross-Stitch, and Community: The Technological Enhancement of Artistic Focal Practices in the Work of Chawne Kimber

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Dissertations & Theses from 2018

Antosca, Albert R (2018) Singularitarianism and the New Millennium: Techno-Theology in the Transhumanist Age of Re-Enchantment

Bailey, Cheryl A (2018) Through the Lens of Accelerationist Utopia: The Critical Role of Science Fiction in the Transition to a Post-Capitalist World in Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy

Buffington, Chelsea (2018) Technohumanity: Films as a Lens for Examining How Humans and Technology Co-shape the World

Cykert, Cynthia Christine Hopkins (2018) The Intersection of the Zeitgeist and Common Personal Factors that Allowed the Rise of Three Women: Maria Montessori, Beatrix Potter, and Marie Curie

Forcucci, Lauren E (2018) Cyber-Jihad: Waging Virtual Terror to Create an Online Caliphate

Junge, Michael (2018) From Pillar to Pillory U.S. Navy Crimes of Command 1945-2015

Marnane, Ryan Matthew (2018) Consider the Audiobook or the Hermeneutics of Close Listening: Literary Sound Studies, Critical Theory, and David Foster Wallace's Literary Journalism

Mele, Todd J (2018) Marx's Materialist Sociology of Knowledge: Colliding Empirical Frameworks of Consciousness

Powell, Beryl S (2018) Networks of Survival in Kinshasa, Mumbai, Detroit, and Comparison Cities; an Empirical Perspective

Schneider, Norah L (2018) The Sentinel: American-Jewish Weekly Coverage in Chicago of Nazi Persecution of European Jewry and the Holocaust, 1930-1947

Scully, Michael (2018) The Digital Incunabula: The Future of Storytelling in the Digital Age

Slater, Lamont A (2018) The Namibian Genocide: Reframing the Conflict to Explore Intercultural Connectivity, Inclusiveness and Accurate Memorialization

Summers, Clark H (2018) The Citizen-Soldier Reconsidered: Technology, the Militia, and the Black Boys Uprising of 1765

Thieme, Donald J. (2018) The Nation-State & Biopower: Impacts on Individuals, Empowerment and the Limitations of Liberty

Vaspol, Gary (2018) Abiding the Postmodern World: An Ethical, Existential, and Cinematographic Examination of the Big Lebowski

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Dissertations & Theses from 2017

Al Abri, Ali Rashid Khamis (2017) Security Challenges to Oman's Religious Tolerance and Balanced Foreign Policy: An Analysis of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

Choinski, Thomas (2017) Dramaturgy, wargaming and technological innovation in the United States Navy: Four historical case studies

Dell, Garrett (2017) Ambivalence Toward Technology in the Poetry of Robert Pinsky

Nasca, David S (2017) The Influence of Technology in Amphibious Warfare and its impact on U.S. Geopolitical Strategy from 1898 to 1945

Ricci, James M (2017) A Monument to Perseverance: The Struggle to Build the Newport Bridge, 1945-1969

Ruggieri, Sasha Lombardi (2017) Social Transformation through Art: Slow Food Ideology and the Social Protest Novel

Weiss, Catharine (2017) Data mining the unconscious

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Dissertations & Theses from 2016

Bissonnette, Ashley A (2016) Pestilences of New England's first wars: An investigation of colonial trauma during the Pequot and King Philip's wars

Hanson, Karen S (2016) The Robot as Other: Sartre and Television Portrayals of Humanoid Robots in "Almost Human" and "Humans"

Kalis, Shawn A (2016) Sensing a control problem? autonomous unmanned combat air systems and human control

Keator, Mary (2016) Re-appropriating the ancient monastic practice of lectio divina: A contemplative pedagogocal method of inquiry to experience wisdom embedded in the humanities

LeVasseur, Marc G (2016) Classical-Christian Friendship Operating in Western Literature: Oral Traditions to the Apex of Print Culture

Macaluso, Laura A (2016) Art for the Elm City: Public art in New Haven, Connecticut

Povlock, Paul A (2016) Environmental ethics and the electric power grid: A case for technological momentum

Stoehrer, Emily Banis (2016) Hollywood tastemaker: Jeweling the red carpet: The Neil Lane collection, 1995-2010

Svendsen, Kirsti (2016) Centralization and its discontents: Exploring the relationship between measures of moral development, happiness and technology driven, centralized ways of being

Vanderbilt, David S (2016) Thomas Forsyth Torrance and Scientific Theology: An analysis and assessment of his project

Xiarhos, Michael G (2016) The connected pilgrim: The potential for transformation in the social media age

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Abong, Fred (2015) Bringing back the magic: Reimagining the role of temperament in philosophical theory, a new model of the self as entwined, embodied and enchanted

Alverson, Kelly M (2015) Contagion of kindness: Observability, recognition and shared experience as motivation for online prosocial behavior

Jackson, Stephen Leal (2015) Beneath the surface: An examination of the characterization of African-Americans in submarine-themed American film

Lamberti, James A (2015) Romano Guardini on technology, existence and the human person: An introductory exposition and appraisal

Morash, Brett (2015) The rise and fall of the Union of Islamic Courts

Perreault, Claudine Pelissier (2015) A Heideggerian reading of 'Revolutionary Road:' Understanding the human-technology relationship in 1950s suburbia

Ryan, James P (2015) Salvaging the Caroline: An examination of states use of force in self-defense against non-state actors

Senerchia, Rory Elizabeth (2015) Academic success and academic culture shock: Do international students benefit from academic acculturation intervention?

Sylvestre, Paul E (2015) Society's automaton: An existential perspective on police training and stress management education

Tocco-Greenaway, Donna J (2015) Assisted reproductive technology, bioethics and literature: Progenitors and others' relatedness to embryos, androids, and children

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Baldaia, Suzanne (2014) The Nice Paper as a MacIntyrean community of virtuous practice: A wunderkammer of resistance to late-capitalist modernity in Rhode Island, 1989-1995

Miller, Jordan E (2014) A radical, subjunctive, political theology of resistance: On religion and community

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Flynn, Amalie (2013) The American suburban front lawn: An eco-anthropological analysis

Mathis, John R (2013) Atomic cinema in America: Historical and cultural analysis of a new film genre that reflected the nuclear zeitgeist of the Cold War (1945–1989)

Menzies, James (2013) Belief in an age of technology: C. S. Lewis and Joseph Campbell on myth and its application to the Christian faith in a technological society

Stuppard, Charles L (2013) The impact of new technology on President Abraham Lincoln's military leadership during the Civil War

Walsh, Kenneth M (2013) The Evolution of Newport's Economy From the Colonial Era to Beyond the War of 1812

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Shaw, Jeffrey M (2012) Thomas Merton and Jacques Ellul on technology and freedom

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Carlozzi, Rosamaria (2011) Manuscript to Microchip: The Role of Technology in the Evolution of Higher Education

Demers, Donald M (2011) Secular modernity and Catholic tradition: Finding God in the machinery of the Industrial Revolution

Fallas, Jennifer A (2011) Disrupting patriarchal norms and languages: Narrative and rhetorical analyses of bi and pansexual feminist blogs

Guertin, Nelson A (2011) A literary analysis of the American worker: Characterizations by London, Sinclair, Steinbeck and Rand

Hoar, Thomas F. X (2011) Religious broadcasting 1920 – 1980: Four religious broadcast pioneers and the process of evangelization

LeBouvier, Rand D (2011) Reflections in a robot's eye: A cultural history and epistemological critque of humanoid robotics

Luke, Ivan T. (2011) Sailors in the age of steam: Reexamining a counterintuitive response to advancing technology

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Comstock, Casey (2010) Applied ethics in the technological world: An examination of secondary traumatic stress and trauma exposure in social media

McPherson, J. Scott (2010) Space weapons, moral casuistry, and Rawls: Moving the debate forward

Morrissette, William J (2010) Prison ministry and balancing philosophies of justice: History and case studies

O'Connell, Roxanne M (2010) The golden age of Irish music: The cultural impact of 78 RPM recordings in Ireland and Irish America 1900–1960

Palmieri, Scott E (2010) What work was and what work is: The work poetry of Philip Levine

Shelton, Amiee J (2010) Individual forms of subtle resistance to Nazi hegemony: Portrayals in modern books and film available to American consumers

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

Belanger, Wayne D (2009) A semiotic analysis of virtual reality

Chaves, Charles Almeida (2009) Imported oil: Ethical perspectives and strategies toward American energy sustainability

Hickey, James E (2009) Evaluating the impact of precision -guided munitions on human suffering in war, 1967-1999: An ethics-based approach

Klemmer, Anthony L (2009) Moral coherence in the modern world: An interdisciplinary view

Sanders, David (2009) Technology in defense of tradition: Basque nationalism in the information age

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Bull, Marijoan (2008) Place-making: Planning, modernity and humanistic geography

Flynn, Deborah P (2008) Narratives of melancholy: Sense of self in depression from asylums to neuropsychiatry

Ratcliff, Ronald E (2008) What does privacy mean in an age of virtual transparency?

Sweeney, Patrick C (2008) Collateral damage: Technology's influence upon the American warrior's ethical obligation to the noncombatant from the Civil War to the War on Terror

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Beausoleil, Marcel F. (2007) Using ethics and technology in addressing police officer behavior

Browning, Gerald L (2007) Illuminated art in the court of Charles the Bald: A study of the great Carolingian Bibles of the 9th century

Etter, Catherine Sughrue (2007) Human factors fostering sustainable safe drinking water

Hunter, Charlotte E (2007) A deal with the devil? The clergy-penitent privilege in the United States military

Nix, Dayne E (2007) Muhammad Iqbal and the perfect man: The restoration of Muslim dignity through the integration of philosophy, poetry, politics and conservative Islam

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Florio, Raffaele (2006) “The School of Athens”: How the humanities can help revive the great conversation

Flowers, Sandra J (2006) Handing on the faith: Religious education past and present in the Catholic Diocese of Providence

McKnight, Sarah M (2006) Macrocosm and microcosm: The emergent sacred in the work of Thomas Berry and C. G. Jung

O'Connor, Anice M (2006) Interpreting business in film: Three case studies in creative leadership

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Dissertations & Theses from 2005

Bundy, William F (2005) Visionary technology leadership from Admiral Hyman G. Rickover to masters of the information age

Magill, David S (2005) The impact of Web -enhanced distance learning technology on the concerns of faculty

Montminy, Julia (2005) Assessing cognitively impaired parents using a strengths -based model

Murphy, Terry (2005) An Ethical Assessment of Intercountry Adoption: Romania to the United States, 1990–2003

Schroth, Ferd (2005) Through the eye of a needle: The profit motive's effect on managerial moral reasoning

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Dissertations & Theses from 2004

Demy, Timothy James (2004) Technology, progress, and the human condition in the life and thought of C. S. Lewis

Desrosiers, Marian Mathison (2004) Justice Florence Kerins Murray: A study of technology and the contemporary woman

Gray, Gary Grant (2004) Perceptions of Jacques Ellul's educational technique in a modern career-focused M.B.A. program

Meckes, Shirley A (2004) The effect of using the computer as a learning tool in a kindergarten curriculum

Okereke, Ifeoma Christie (2004) Oil production and problems in Nigeria's Niger Delta: Military and civilian regimes' responses (1979–2001)

Traficante, Regina M (2004) Computer -based interventions, health behavior change, and ethics

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Dissertations & Theses from 2003

Alexakos, Frances M (2003) Attitudes of Rhode Island primary care physicians toward the use of genetic testing for breast cancer

Ferree, William Daniel (2003) Does the current 20th century Navy personnel management system meet 21st century sailors' needs?

Iasiello, Louis V (2003) Jus in bello: Key issues for a contemporary assessment of just behavior in war

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Dissertations & Theses from 2002

Atwood, Marjorie (2002) The ex -voto as symbol of faith and survival

Finn, Richard Francis (2002) In the shadow of technological cataclysm: The complexities of Y2K alarmism

Hime, Douglas N (2002) Technological hubris and the science fiction of Michael Crichton

Levesque Ware, Claudette (2002) Consumerism, credit cards, and college students

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Dissertations & Theses from 2001

Gooch, Robert Hynson (2001) Women and men in the new Navy: Life since Tailhook

Mitchell, David McKeon (2001) An investigation of television as technology and its influence on student-athletes in Division 1 men's college basketball

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Dissertations & Theses from 2000

Jenks, Darrell Allan (2000) Ethics in science fiction: Butler, Wells, and Stapledon

Kirby, John Michael (2000) An interdisciplinary model to evaluate alternative roles of military reserve components in modern American society

Mathias, Margaret (2000) Expanding the technology debate through the investigation of humor in recent art: 1950s to 1990s

Shaw, Eric J (2000) Controls on developing technology: The United States commercial air transportation system during the interwar period, 1919--1939

Viveiros, Daniel Robert (2000) The rise and fall of the American diner, 1920–1960

Ware, Bradley John (2000) The significance of the family meal in contemporary culture: A humanities /technological perspective

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Dissertations & Theses from 1999

Fielding, John T (1999) Dangerous medicine: The pharmaceutical industry's questionable ethical practices

Liotta, Peter Hearns (1999) The ikon and the axe: An ecological approach to Yugoslav disintegration, 1991--1998

Loranger, Raymond Leonard (1999) The impact of technological culture on addiction in twentieth century America

Sion, Ronald T (1999) Aldous Huxley and the human cost of technological progress

Tod, Patricia Jane (1999) Managing complexity: An integration of ethics, management, and technology viewed through the Dow Corning silicone implant case

Twaddle, Roy Royce (1999) Technology as public education: Determining just wages in a teacher labor contract

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Dissertations & Theses from 1998

Casey, Michael Scott (1998) America's technological sailor: A retrospective on a century of "progress" in the United States Navy

Recker, Roland Francis (1998) The impact of television on the making of the president (1952 to 1992)

Tehan, Terrence Norbert (1998) The radioactive waste debate in the United States and nuclear technology for peaceful purposes

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Dissertations & Theses from 1997

Coolbaugh, Edwin Alden (1997) The impact of government sanctions on the business ethics of defense contractors during the Cold War era

Hardy-Jackson, Patricia Anne (1997) Haitian crisis, 1991--1994: An opportunity for a shift in United States twenty-first century foreign policy

James, Dorothy P (1997) Understanding China through the humanities

Kosten, Lora Bechard (1997) The effectiveness of Family Science and Technology Workshops on parental involvement, student achievement, and student curiosity

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Dissertations & Theses from 1996

Atkins, Ronald Wayne (1996) The influence of technology on the Yamato social model

Moussavi, Mansour M (1996) The economic impact of multinational transfer pricing in Third World countries: The case of Iran

Scoll, Eulalie Elizabeth (1996) Dostoevsky's Sonya and Martha: Fiction and reality

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Dissertations & Theses from 1995

Colegrove, De Forest William (1995) Economic literacy among students in Russia and the United States: A comparative study

Healy, Kevin Michael (1995) President Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accords: An analysis of moral and pragmatic policy

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Dissertations & Theses from 1994

O'Reilly, Bernard M (1994) A theology of collaborative ministry focusing on Catholic families negatively affected by TV technology

Smith, Esmond Douglas (1994) China, technology and the Spratly Islands: The geopolitical impact of new technologies