Cyber-Jihad: Waging Virtual Terror to Create an Online Caliphate

Lauren E Forcucci, Salve Regina University


The Islamic State is waging a war of global terror in the offline world to support their goal of an online caliphate. Their adept abilities and use of the Internet and social media to recruit, radicalize, and propagandize their mission is notable. In their pursuit of global dominance, they are successfully using technology to advance their cause. This research examines how the Islamic State is conducting a cyber-jihad to wage virtual terror and create an online caliphate. While their offline world has met defeat, they continue to achieve success online; I explain how.^

Subject Area

International relations|Political science|Web studies

Recommended Citation

Forcucci, Lauren E, "Cyber-Jihad: Waging Virtual Terror to Create an Online Caliphate" (2018). Doctoral Dissertations. AAI10982592.