Designing a Curriculum for Addressing Human Enhancement and Transhumanism

Kevin McDonald, Salve Regina University


This dissertation demonstrates the need for higher education to address human enhancement and transhumanism, and then offers a curriculum design for accomplishing the task by leveraging an already growing trend in education known as the “STEAM” movement. The STEAM acronym represents the integration of the “arts” with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines. This dissertation reviews the STEAM philosophy and its adaptation to the higher education setting, and then proposes improvements to the STEAM framework for addressing specific needs of 21st century learning. To appropriately address the concepts of transhumanism, and more generally, human enhancement, an idea for “STEAM Labs” will be introduced. STEAM Labs, which would facilitate transdisciplinary project-based learning, could be used as a framework for implementing an emerging academic branch known as the metahumanities in order to address transhumanism. Illustrating that idea, this dissertation offers a design for a curriculum in the metahumanities.

Subject Area

Education philosophy|Curriculum development|Higher education|Science education|Mathematics education|Art education

Recommended Citation

McDonald, Kevin, "Designing a Curriculum for Addressing Human Enhancement and Transhumanism" (2022). Doctoral Dissertations. AAI29161987.

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