Place-making: Planning, modernity and humanistic geography

Marijoan Bull, Salve Regina University


This research explores how the literature of place developed by humanistic geography can influence the practice of land use planning. The planning profession has accepted "sense of place" as a worthy social goal and casts itself in the role of "place-making," yet planning practitioners have little grounding in the epistemology of place. Despite adopting the terminology of place, planning remains a largely rational exercise that fails to appreciate the complexity and richness of place as experience. Humanistic geography offers a humanities based understanding of place and of the particular challenge of place in modern society. This illumination of place is used to assess the limitations and potential of planning for place in the technological society.

Subject Area

Geography|Urban planning

Recommended Citation

Bull, Marijoan, "Place-making: Planning, modernity and humanistic geography" (2008). Doctoral Dissertations. AAI3333055.

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