Prison ministry and balancing philosophies of justice: History and case studies

William J Morrissette, Salve Regina University


By way of case studies and historical analysis, this dissertation explores the early penitentiary design implemented at Sing Sing, Auburn and Eastern State penitentiaries with particular emphasis on the role of prison ministry and the application of justice philosophies. Modern day penal systems are struggling with uncontrollable growth and associated burdens on societal resources that have not necessarily correlated with improved rehabilitation of criminal offenders and/or safer communities. This paper offers a new theory relative to the development of criminal justice systems over the past 150 years and the degree to which technological self perpetuation and prison ministry impact a balanced application of justice philosophies and by extension, the successful transformation and restoration of criminal offenders. ^

Subject Area

Religion, General|Philosophy|Sociology, Criminology and Penology

Recommended Citation

Morrissette, William J, "Prison ministry and balancing philosophies of justice: History and case studies" (2010). Doctoral Dissertations. AAI3436837.