Romano Guardini on technology, existence and the human person: An introductory exposition and appraisal

James A Lamberti, Salve Regina University


This interdisciplinary study strives to provide a philosophically critical, historical investigation and qualitative exposition regarding the observations and thought of Romano Guardini in order to suggest an answer to the question of `what it means to be human in an age of technology'. Guardini's concerns and observations are presented as valid and pertinent to the current age. As such, this study investigates the manner in which the continued development and use of technology tend to affect the nature of man and man's perspective towards himself in attempting to identify any basic sense of order and meaning within this contemporary world. This study also identifies and draws upon several thinkers whose thought may be understood as influencing Guardini, or who have more recently addressed similar concerns regarding the relation of man to modern technology as central aspects of a current, ongoing conversation. It remains however, that the primary content of this investigation is to provide a focused introduction and interpretation of Romano Guardini's various concerns regarding the effects of technology on human existence. Guardini perceived existence through the lens of a singularly Christian Weltanschauung . This study presents Guardini's concerns and observations about mankind as valid and relevant for serious consideration by both Christian and non- Christian in the present global culture. The observations of several thinkers such as Gerald Phelan, Frederick Wilhelmsen, and St. John Paul II are drawn upon to provide support and counterpoint to the overall investigation and insights that emerge from Guardini's philosophical and theological anthropology of man.

Subject Area

Cultural anthropology|Philosophy of Science|Spirituality

Recommended Citation

Lamberti, James A, "Romano Guardini on technology, existence and the human person: An introductory exposition and appraisal" (2015). Doctoral Dissertations. AAI3725273.

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