Economic literacy among students in Russia and the United States: A comparative study

De Forest William Colegrove, Salve Regina University


This dissertation, "Economic Literacy Among Students in Russia and the United States: A Comparative Study," seeks to establish a baseline of economic knowledge of senior-high-school Russian students as compared to that of American students at the same educational level. The research for this project was carried on in Kazan, Tatarstan (Russia), a relatively isolated area near Siberia, where the influence of Western economic practices was deemed to be minimal. Part I describes the preparation, execution, analysis, and results of the research in Kazan, using as sources, a normalized questionnaire, a textbook co-written by the author for this project, other published materials, and personal experience gained by the author from living in Kazan. Part I contains a summary, conclusions, and bibliography. Part II is a statistical analysis provided by SRU's Statistical Institute under the guidance of the author. The analysis includes copies of raw data answer sheets, methodology used to input and analyze data, results of comparison with similar types of data obtained from American students, and the conclusions. Part III is a copy of the economics textbook coauthored in the United States and used in Kazan by the author as the first phase of this dissertation research project.

Subject Area

Economics|Minority & ethnic groups|Sociology|Social studies education

Recommended Citation

Colegrove, De Forest William, "Economic literacy among students in Russia and the United States: A comparative study" (1995). Doctoral Dissertations. AAI9601643.