Dangerous medicine: The pharmaceutical industry's questionable ethical practices

John T Fielding, Salve Regina University


The purpose of this study is to analyze the problematic impact of technology on American health care. Although the pharmaceutical industry's use of technology has produced beneficial results, at times the industry seems to overlook the unintended consequences involved. This study also examines the pharmaceutical industry's attempts to influence the physician's prescribing decisions as well as the patient's desire to get well as soon as possible. It analyzes the FDA's role in approving drugs, in monitoring the post-approval process, and in overseeing the industry's technological excesses. While the industry has the admirable goal of trying to relieve or eradicate illness, a few firms regularly engage in questionable behavior as they strive to increase their profitability. In addition to using ethically suspect marketing techniques, some firms suppress unfavorable research. In sum, it is clear that the drug industry needs to engage in deeper ethical reflection.

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Fielding, John T, "Dangerous medicine: The pharmaceutical industry's questionable ethical practices" (1999). Doctoral Dissertations. AAI9915019.