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Abstract: The world is being destroyed. We do not care about the mistreatment of animals in factory farms because of our consumeristic taste buds, but this gluttony is even more problematic than we think. It is blinding us from an even larger factor at stake. Our factory farming methods are a leading contributor in the causes of global warming. What this means for us is that our consumption has a direct impact on our destruction. We need to think big, and act. The only way to combat this issue is through taking courses of action that will force people to open their eyes and understand the injustice. Once we get the support of the general public (there is strength in numbers), we will have the necessary tools to combat the larger system at play here which is raping our planet, namely capitalism.

Publication Date

Spring 5-4-2016


Factory Farming, Environment, Animal Liberation, Direct Action, Injustice


Animal Studies | Environmental Studies | Ethics and Political Philosophy

Stop Factory Farming for the Sake of Humanity!