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In December 2014, President Barack Obama announced that his administration will be working towards normalizing relations between Cuba and America for the first time in sixty-four years. This announcement was followed by loosened regulations on travel and talks of reopening commerce for the near future. The prospect of deregulating trade and travel between Cuba and the United States has many individuals concerned for the various tensions that juxtapose the two countries. Primarily, many are concerned with the tensions between Cuba’s socialist values and those of American enterprise. Questions are being raised about the ways these two conflicting values can coexist and work with one another. Secondarily, and most importantly to this paper, many are concerned that the value of profit will be placed before the freedom and well-being of native Cubans and the Cuban ecology. This paper aims to examine the structures which currently make for the Cuban tourism industry, the way tourism has historically and presently affected Cuban natives, and then extrapolate what the state of Cuba tourism will be with American influences in the near future.

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Reopening Paradise: Ecotourism in Cuba