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The Millennial generation is the most computer literate generation to enter the workforce. Also known as the Net Generation, those born from 1981- 2001 have been raised in an era of instant access. The 3x5 index card to them is a historic relic said to have been used for cross references in the library and recipes. Their learning and communication style is through multi-media. The common method of contact is text messaging and instant messaging as well as cell phones. Learning has even moved into web-based tools such as web-ct, online journals and i-pod downloads. The value of traditional books for learning and entertainment may be limited for these technologically savvy young people.

The attitudes of Millennial generation students from a small, private New England college were measured regarding usage and intended usage of books, e-books and audio books. Their views give an illustration of the outlook of this generation towards the evolution of digital media and how dependent their research skills are on technology.