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Root Causes of Current Immigration Crisis: Sister Eva Lallo as Told to Deborah Herz [audio]


American Politics | Chicana/o Studies | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Human Rights Law | Immigration Law | International Relations | Latin American History | Women's History | Women's Studies


Sister Eva Lallo is a Sister of Mercy, a graduate of Salve Regina University, who has lived and worked for many years in Central America. As teacher, student, counselor, and administrator in Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, Sr. Eva has had the opportunity to know and appreciate the history and culture of the native people of those countries. In particular, she has witnessed their everyday lives and struggles, especially in Honduras where she lived and ministered for 12 years, and to where she returns each year for several months. In her interview with Debra Herz, she shares her personal background, but mainly addresses the conditions, the poverty, and the violence which prevail in that country, particularly today. At a time, when we seek answers to the roots of migration, Sr. Eva helps us to understand the immigration problems on the U.S. southern border today.

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