The Graduate School and McKillop Library of Salve Regina University offer electronic copies of Master's Theses written by students who have submitted them electronically.

We welcome students master's thesis in Digital Commons @ Salve Regina and students can easily:
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Submissions from 2021


Your One Wild and Precious Life: The Prayer-poems of William Blake & Mary Oliver, Amanda Iacampo

Submissions from 2019


Humanitarianism is not Permissiveness: Defending the Integrity of the Spanish Border and the Lives of African Immigrants, Genevieve Hoyt


Written in Black, White, and Red: An Exploration of Civilizer Theology in American History, Jeremy McGinniss

Submissions from 2013


The Presence of Coups d'État within Revolutions: Effects on Population Health, Rose E. Facchini

Submissions from 2009


The Unjust Selection of Justice Professionals: Balancing Fairness for Police Officer Applicants and the Potential Citizens They Will Serve, Robert W. Boyle

Submissions from 1994


Becoming a Dove: Senator Claiborne Pell's Opposition to the Vietnam War, Kevin C. Klyberg