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Spain has recently become one of the top destinations for people immigrating to the European Union (EU), with upwards of 1 million African immigrants living in Spain today (“Immigrant and Emigrant Populations” 2018). This heavy flow of immigration into a country whose economy is barely afloat has caused a crisis for not only Spain but also the EU as a whole. Illegal immigration from Africa has proved to be a serious problem in Spain, bringing human rights violations at the border; an increasing unemployment rate; and growing discrimination against black immigrants in the social structure. This paper will analyze how African immigration has affected Spain, shaping the way Spain and the EU handle border control and immigration policy. Ultimately, Spain should focus on short-term goals on the ground to improve border control and reduce illegal immigration, and long-term goals to ultimately improve economic conditions in Africa, discouraging immigration into the future. Spain has the potential to gain control over this immigration crisis in order to ensure the safety of migrants, the protection of Spain’s border, and the economic security of both Spain and Africa.