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Andy Andrade worked at Salve Regina for about eighteen years in numerous positions. He started his Salve Regina career as the Assistant Director of Admissions, and described how he got to the University and his responsibilities in the position during the first part of the interview. Later on Andrade talked about his experience as being a baseball coach throughout the whole time he was at Salve Regina, and some of the successes and challenges that came with it. Next he talked about being the Director of Physical Education and becoming a professor in the political science department. During these two roles he worked a lot with students, and he talked about his interaction with the students throughout the jobs and years. Throughout the whole interview Andrade discussed specific people that were important to his career, and concluded the interview discussing the changes Salve Regina has made throughout the years.


Oral History interview with Andy Andrade who was a former professor in the political science department, former Assistant Director of Admissions, the Director of Physical Education, and a baseball coach at Salve Regina. The interview was conducted on July 26, 2018.

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