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When a mystery seems insoluble it is then that one must step back and examine the facts. This was the approach taken by the Committee for Research on Norse Activities in North America AD 1000-1500, an international group of scientists, historians, and archaeologists, who came to Newport in 1993 to study the “Newport Tower” or “Old Stone Mill”. This is also the approach of Johannes Hertz, from The Danish State Antiquary's Archaeological Secretariat, in his article, "Round Church or Windmill? New light on the Newport Tower," which presents the findings of the Committee for Norse Research, including the results of historical research, photogrammetric surveys, and Carbon-14 testing.. Also in this issue of Newport History, which is dedicated to the mystery of the Old Stone Mill, is a photographic essay depicting the evolution both of the appearance of the tower and of interpretations of it in painting and photography. The images are from the collection of the Newport Historical Society. In "From the Collection," Ingrid M. Hattendorf examines a collection of artifacts at the Society compiled during an archaeological excavation of the tower.