Ron M. Potvin


Many readers of Newport History probably have been following the saga of HMB Endeavour in the press of late. D. K. Abbass and the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) believe they have traced the history of Captain Cook's ship of discovery from a coal bearing vessel named the Earl of Pembroke, to the Endeavour, to its ultimate fate as the Lord Sandwich, a British troop transport intentionally sunk in Newport Harbor during the American Revolution. .From sea to air. This issue of Newport History also includes "Newport State Airport: A History," by Arliss Ryan. For more than fifty years, a stretch of land in Middletown has been the primary point of entry for people and goods traveling by air to Aquidneck Island. Newport State Airport was the vision of Bob Wood, a barn storming veteran World War II fighter pilot, who built his "air park" practically by hand.