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Ron M. Potvin


This issue of Newport History examines the impact of severe weather in Newport and New England by examining four events: The "Hessian Storm" of 1778; the Great Gale of 1815; the "Year Without a Summer in 1816"; and the hail storm of 1894. Each of these storms left a mark on the area, figuratively and literally, that grows or shrinks in severity according to the teller of the tale. The material for this article was first presented in spring 2000 by staff members of the Society during its 17th Annual Lecture Series: "Weathering Changes: The History of Climate and Storms in Newport and New England." Also in this issue, Frank Snyder recounts the circumstances that led to "The Court-Martial of Lieutenant J. B. Carey" in 1879 during the Anglo-Zulu War. Carey, a descendent of the Brenton family of Newport, was convicted of "Misbehaviour before the Enemy" for his actions during a fatal attack on Louis, the Prince Imperial of France.