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This issue of Newport History is devoted to Conanicut Island, often called Jamestown after the name of its central village. At nine miles long and one mile wide, Conanicut is the second largest island in Narragansett Bay. The island became popular in the late nineteenth century among those disinclined to the Newport social whirl. They included Philadelphians, who built mansions in the Ocean Highlands and The Dumplings, and a group from St. Louis, who founded their own private enclave, Shoreby Hill. Co-authoring the lead article are Sue Maden and Rosemary Enright, who recount the story of William Lincoln Bates and the sanitarium that he founded at Providence in 1893 and relocated to Jamestown in 1900. The second article in this issue is by James C. Buttrick, who has spent summers on Conanicut all of his life. He has an interest in Charles Bevins, architect.