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The rich artistic heritage of Newport owes as much to recondite personalities as to well-known artists. This issue of Newport History investigates a number of these lesser-known figures, starting with James Nicholson, a master carpenter who worked on some of the most important Bellevue Avenue mansions of the late 1880s and early 1890s. Caroline McGuckian assembled the details of Nicholson’s life, along with examples of his work as a photographer and painter. A century has elapsed since over a hundred largely now-forgotten artists, art teachers, and patrons founded the Art Association of Newport, today known as the Newport Art Museum. In this issue of the journal, Ms. Grinnell adapts portions of the checklist and wall text of a recent exhibition that she curated at the Newport Art Museum: Remembering the Ladies: Women and the Art Association of Newport. This important study of the early decades of the institution resurrects the reputations of the women artists, art instructors, and patrons responsible for its flourishing during the early twentieth century.