Brian Knoth


In the mid-nineteenth century, Newport flourished in the summer as impressive hostelries were constructed and new modes of transportation facilitated travel to the area. At this time, the city became an internationally famed destination for seasonal travelers and vacationers. Brian Knoth, in “Music and Dancing at the ‘Queen of Resorts’: The Impact of the Germania Musical Society on Newport’s Hotel Period,” takes a closer look at one aspect of the magical summer scene at this time when he argues that a dashing ensemble of émigré musicians—the Germania Musical Society—was key to the burnishing and success of Newport’s “hotel culture.” Brian Knoth, a media artist, composer, researcher, and educator, is an Assistant Professor of Media Communication at Rhode Island College. He earned an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Music and Multimedia at Brown University and has also published recently in the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media.