Robert A. Selig


In “The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail,” historian Robert A. Selig documents the recent creation of the national trail, a unit of the National Park Service, which encompasses the entire route that French and American forces took from Newport to Virginia in the summer of 1781. The combined armies marched for hundreds of miles through countryside, tiny hamlets, and towns to reach their destination. Dr. Selig explores the distrust held by soldiers on both the French and American sides, and how experiences both in Newport and on the Trail led to greater understanding of cultural differences. A chevalier de l’order national du Mérite, Robert A. Selig is a specialist in the role of French forces in the American War of Independence and serves as project historian to the National Park Service and The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail. He has written site surveys, resource inventories, and supplementary reports on the nine states and the District of Columbia through which American and French forces traveled on land and on water between 1780 and 1783.