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The View on ABC has varying reputations. Although it has received Emmys and is critically acclaimed, many viewers discredit the discussions on the show because of the strong personalities and dissenting opinions. By looking at episodes of The View between 2009 and 2010—particularly surrounding Rihanna’s altercations with Chris Brown and her GQ photo shoot—the co-hosts provide varying opinions and interpretations that become useful to viewers who are developing their own views about the subject. Furthermore, the useful discussions on The View validate the subjective news model as a whole because unlike objectivity, subjectivity provides the opportunity for co-hosts and viewers to analyze images and representations in the media otherwise not mentioned. Through an application of Stuart Hall and Julie D’Acci of examples on The View, the viewers and their interpretations become important, and subjectivity becomes a more credible model. The View stands as an example of how subjectivity is valuable because it allows for opinions otherwise mitigated by objective news sources.